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It is important that you read and understand ALL the information on this page AND the Introduction to Volunteering page before committing yourself as a Ride a Wave volunteer.

Contact:  Volunteer Coordinator
Role:   Helping assist in setting up and/or tearing down and cleaning up camp.

An integral part of each Ride a Wave camp is the often unseen effort that goes into the set up and teardown of the camp for the day.

Some of the Set Up tasks required before each camp include:

  • Taking items from the trailer to the beach.
  • Setting up the RAW tents and tables.
  • Hanging wetsuits, life vests and helmets.
  • Carrying down and putting fins on the surfboards.
  • Stacking body boards.
  • Getting the kayaks.
  • Setting up each staging area.
  • Digging and building the Rambo Relay (sand obstacle course).
  • And more...

Just as many tasks are required to Tear Down at the end of each camp:

  • Taking items from the beach back to the trailer.
  • Rinsing off wetsuits, surfboards, body boards, and other gear.
  • Packing the trailer.
  • Returning any beach wheelchairs.
  • Filling in the Rambo Relay (sand obstacle course)
  • Picking up any trash or recycling that didn't make it into the trash bags and disposing of it appropriately.
  • And more...

Many hands make light work. Any assistance you can give on either end of the camp is welcomed. We have a volunteer who's schedule doesn't allow him to participate in the beach camp, but he has faithfully come down and help us clean for an hour at the end of each camp for the past several years. So come down and lend a hand! Or if you're already a volunteer, come early and help us set up! Or stay a bit longer at the end to help us clean up! 

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