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People always ask to learn more about the incredible volunteers who give so much of their time and efforts to the program. We've put this page together so you can get to know a little about some of the amazing individuals who make up the Ride a Wave team. Keep coming back as we'll add more members each season!

[RAW Volunteer - Johnny Bowling] Johnny Bowling
When he's not charging the biggest waves at Mavericks or eating vegan pizza, Johnny can be found gently hoisting kids onto his board as a Ride a Wave tandem surfer. Passionate about surfing and RAW, Bowling says, "The ocean has been one of the most positive forces of growth, challenge, and empowerment in my life, and I'd like to share that with the world. Because secretly, I think I might be having more fun than anyone else on the planet when I am volunteering with Ride a Wave!"
[RAW Volunteer - Susan Steinberg] Susan Steinberg

Ride a Wave is a family affair for Susan, who volunteers with her husband "Steiny" and their son Paul. Susan shares her calming presence and great compassion to participants as Beach Buddy. A long-time veteran, she's also a valuable resource for new volunteers, helping them learn the ropes and gently reminding them to apply plenty of sunscreen on those in their care.
[RAW Volunteer - Dave King] Dave King
A mainstay since the program began in 1998, Dave provides a commanding presence with his beaming smile and positive energy. Being 6' 8" helps a little too! When asked about Ride a Wave, King says "Iíve always thought that I was meant to help others play and enjoy their lives in a healthy way. The people in the Ride Wave tribe are the kind of people I want to surround myself with. We get to establish the foundation for the kind of friendships that help make healthy supportive communities."
[RAW Volunteer - Brooks Lambert - aka Captain Kelp] Brooks Lambert
An active volunteer since 1999, Brooks has worn many hats at Ride a Wave. This past year he's added  a costume to the list as he transforms into Captain Kelp to help our participants stretch in the morning! Brooks is also joined at each camp by his son Cuddy and wife Lisa who are volunteers as well. Brooks says "Every time I show up for a Ride A Wave camp, I canít help but feel lucky to be a part of such an incredible organization. To be able to do that and play with some amazing kids at the beachÖ Well, life doesnít get much better than that!"

If you would like to hang out with great folks like this, join the team! Many say helping out at Ride a Wave is the best thing they've ever done. Don't worry, you don't have to be a surfer or even know how to surf to make a huge difference in the life of a child with special needs.

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