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Ride a Wave has learned that kids with special needs are amazing individuals who take on the challenge of surfing in ways few can imagine. We are constantly in awe of the bravery these kids embody and the trust they share with us. Many parents and caregivers are blown away that their child, who might have been previously constrained to a wheelchair, got in the water, surfed, body boarded and kayaked. And had a blast doing so!

Ride a Wave primarily serves kids with special needs from Santa Cruz and the Bay Area. However, visitors have traveled from all over the US and even from far flung locations including Canada, Italy, France and Russia to participate in RAW camps. RAW also mentors and assists Malibu Board Riders to serve kids with special needs in San Diego, Malibu, and Carpentaria. 

If you have a child with special needs or are associated with an organization serving children with special needs, please contact us if you wish to them participate in a Ride a Wave beach camp. We'll do our best to help your kids have a life changing day at the beach.

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If you are in an existing camp, please make sure you're properly signed up.

Our volunteers say that helping RAW is one of the best things they do. So, come and give us a hand! You don't even have to surf to help out!

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