[Ride a Wave - Creating Special Days for Kids With Special Needs]
Ride a Wave is a 501(C)(3) non-profit funded entirely through donations, grants, and sponsorships. There are no paid positions at Ride a Wave, so every dollar that you are able to give goes directly to the program. In 2007, with financial assistance from generous people like you, we were able to serve over 500 kids with special needs a life changing day at the beach. 

Please help us out with a tax deductible donation via:

  • Snail Mail:

    Ride a Wave Foundation, Inc.
    849 Almar Ave., Suite C-324
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5848

    Note: We'll send you a receipt for your tax purposes.
In lieu of cash, maybe you can supply some of the items on our wishlist. Or perhaps your company would be interested in some type of sponsorship opportunity.

If you can't afford to help out financially or you would like to see where your money is going, please come and give us a hand as a volunteer!

Most say helping at Ride a Wave is one the best things they do - and you don't even have to surf to make a big impact in the life of a child!

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